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“Caragh here, founder of Caragh Chocolates. For over 20 years, our wonderful location has been a constant source of inspiration for our chocolate making adventures… It all started with the grazing cows on Sark. With their fresh, thick cream, I couldn’t resist making my very first chocolates. A real family business, our young children would help me experiment, dip chocolate and taste test on our kitchen table. Back in 1989, with no internet, a single chocolatier book became my bible. To this day I still refer to its trusted, chocolate covered pages!

Over the years, our chocolate kitchen has grown up with the family. It’s now on the side of our farmhouse, next to our lovely tea garden. The days of selling our first boxes in our local craft shop seem a long time ago, but we have always kept true to our origins. Sark Cream and champagne, Sark cream and vanilla, Sark cream and tiramisu… our pralines and chocolates remain handmade.”

Hand Rolled Truffles, £9.99 – Hand rolled truffles with cinnamon, marshmallow, vanilla, caramel, hazelnut, coconut, raspberry, cherry, orange, coffee, ginger and cookies & cream

Contraband, £9.99 – Milk, dark and white chocolate liqueur truffles with brandy, rum, kirsch, amaretto, Cointreau, whisky and champagne.
Pirates used to hide their contraband in the caves of Sark island. If they were here today, they’d be smuggling our finest handmade liqueur truffles.

Roasted Nut Melody, £9.99 – A medley of roasted hazelnuts and almonds with milk chocolate and praline.

Carriage Collection, £9.99 – A collection of hand rolled truffles, pralines and manons made with milk, dark and white chocolate

Sea Salted Caramels, £9.99 – Liquid caramel with a pinch of sea salt, encased in milk and dark chocolate.

Photography by Mike Feather

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