New Home Brands at Creasey’s

As the colder evenings set in, getting home and getting cosy is high on our priority list. Having a home that encapsulates the warmth and comfort you’re craving is much easier to achieve with some of the new brands we have in-store.

We spend over 30% of our lifetime in bed… if you’re spending such a huge portion of our time there, we need to be making it as comfortable as possible!

Our brand new ‘Relaxed Living’ area is here to give you inspiration for your home, boasting bedding, throws, cushions, towels and candles.

But which new brands can you find in our homewares department? Here’s a little about what to expect next time you visit.


If you’re looking for relaxing décor and quality organic style, celebrate the simple beauty of Yarn. Explore rustic waffle and tufted textures, linen-look fabrics and boho details in a range of soft natural colourways.

With 100% cotton bedding, spa-like cotton towels and bathmats, the Yard collection makes a beautiful gift as well as a brand to use if you’re looking to add luxury to your home.

Yard combines understated beauty, timeless designs and ultra-soft cotton for a classic look that’s effortlessly contemporary.

Piglet in Bed are a lifestyle and homewares brand, founded by Jessica Hanley from her mother’s garden shed in 2017.

Their collection is composed of signature linen bedding and sleepwear, cotton bed linen and a carefully curated selection of homewares.

Seeking products made from sustainably-sourced natural materials, celebrate a fuss-free lifestyle and find beauty in the everyday, with products that are designed to effortlessly slot themselves into, and at the same time enhance, a life well-lived.


Lazy Linen

Beautifully soft, effortless, laidback linen makes up the Lazy Linen collection. Could this be the secret to an amazing night’s sleep? The bedding improves with age, providing a cosy feeling after every wash.

Made from 100% washed linen, the bedding is breathable, keeping you cool and fresh in the summer months, and being cosy and warm in the autumn and winter. It comes in 6 different colours, with sizes from single to super king available.

To make it even better, the packaging is all zero plastic too! If you’re looking for luxury without the luxury price tag, Lazy Linens could be the perfect choice.



Find your perfect linens this Autumn / Winter

When it comes to choosing bedding, sometimes it seems easier and cheaper to pick up a polyester blend whilst doing the weekly food shop. However, if you’re looking for bedding that will last a lifetime, as well as give you a much better night’s sleep, linen is the way forward.

Linen is a breathable, natural fabric meaning when it’s hot, it can help to keep you cool, and when it’s freezing outside, you’ll be warm and snug in the comfort of your bed. Although linen is slightly more expensive, it is extremely economical and really can last a lifetime should you take good care of it. The production of linen is very sustainable as every part of the flax plant can be used. It is a rotation crop, farmed naturally in small batches.

Linen is exceptionally soft due to its natural long fibres, which help to regulate your body temperature as you sleep with its breathability and high moisture absorbency. The perfect weight also helps to ease you into a deep sleep.

Caring for your bed linen

If you’re spending money on a product, you need to care for it properly to ensure it lasts. When washing your new bedding, try and keep it simple: 

  • Wash your bed linen at 40° once a week
  • If you’re bedding is natural linen or cotton, try not to use fabric softeners as this can build up on the fabric and make it stiffer.
  • Try and air dry your bedding when you can. If you need to tumble dry it, do it on low and shake it out well when it comes out of the washing machine.
  • If you like to iron your bedding, iron on a cool setting.