Terms & Conditions

One Card Terms & Conditions

1. Creaseys ONE (the “Scheme”) is a loyalty scheme operated by Creasey’s Limited (“Creasey’s”) under which cardholders (“Members”) accumulate ONE Points (“Points”) in respect of Creasey’s qualifying purchases made using their Creaseys ONE Card (“ONE Card”). These terms and conditions govern the collection and use of ONE Points, until such time as the Scheme is determined, and sets out the terms of the contract between Creasey’s and each Member.

2. Members may accumulate Points on their ONE Card on qualifying purchases as follows;
(a) Two Points for every £1 spent.
(b) Points will take effect on the day after the purchase.
(c) To earn Points in relation to purchases made, Members must present the ONE Card at the time
of purchase.
(d) Creasey’s may offer bonus Points to Members in certain circumstances at its absolute discretion and any such bonus Points may be withdrawn by Creasey’s at any time.

3. Qualifying purchases are all purchases made (using any form of tender) in Creasey’s Department Store, except for the following: Marks and Spencer (including St Martins fuel forecourt), Joules, Workroom, Creaseys Account Card payments and the purchase of Gift Vouchers (“Exclusions”). Creasey’s may amend or add to these Exclusions at any time at its discretion. For up-to-date Exclusions Members should refer to creaseys.com/one

4. The following terms shall apply to the accumulation of ONE Points:
(a) Twice a year (normally March/April and September), Points will be converted into monetary vouchers (“Cash Rewards”). These Cash Rewards will be posted to the Member at the address provided on application or in line with clause 9;
(b) The minimum value of a Cash Reward will be £1. If a Member’s Points convert to less than £1, Cash Rewards will not be produced, the Members One Points balance will not be adjusted;
(c) The balance of Points on the Members One Card will be reduced by the number of Points converted
into Cash Rewards each time Cash Rewards are issued, except for any value below £1; and
(d) If a Member is given a refund or other financial adjustment on any transaction in Creasey’s,
the ONE Points awarded on the transaction will be adjusted accordingly.

5. The following terms shall apply to the redemption of a Cash Reward:
(a) The Cash Reward may be redeemed in full or part payment on purchases in Creasey’s
Department Store (subject to the Exclusions). No change will be given;
(b) Cash Rewards will be valid for 3 months; any unused Cash Rewards balance will expire;
(c) Unused and/or expired Cash Rewards will not be re-issued or re-converted to Points;
(d) Cash Rewards may not be exchanged for cash; and
(e) Any refund of an item purchased using a Cash Reward will be made by the issue of a Credit Note for the applicable amount.

6. Creasey’s has the right to withdraw, cancel or change the terms of the Scheme at any time. Creasey’s will not be liable for any resulting loss or damage. For up-to-date terms and conditions, Members should refer to creaseys.com/one. A Member will be deemed to have accepted any changes or variations by his/her continued use of a ONE Card.

7. Creasey’s may at any time and in its absolute discretion refuse or revoke any Member’s membership of the Scheme in which case that Member’s Points will be forfeited and any unused Cash Reward may be cancelled.

8. Creasey’s will not be liable for any loss or damage resulting from the termination of, or changes to, the Scheme or from the cancellation or revocation of Points and/or membership of any Member.

9. Members shall notify Creasey’s of any change of address or other personal details in writing or by email and of any damage, theft or loss of a Member’s ONE Card.

10. Creasey’s shall not be liable for any damage, theft, loss or unauthorised use of any Member’s ONE Card and Cash Reward and Members are strongly advised to keep their ONE Cards and Cash Rewards safe and secure.

11. By participating in the Scheme, a Member consents to Creasey’s collecting and storing any information provided by the Member to Creasey’s on enrolment in the Scheme and information relating to the Member’s transactions, purchases and participation in the Scheme. This will include personal data about the Member including the Member’s name, address and purchases from Creasey’s. Creasey’s will only share a Member’s personal information with carefully selected third party partners to assist with the operation of the Scheme (including the provision of Member Benefits).

12. Creasey’s will use a Member’s personal information for the purposes of:
(a) Administering the Scheme (including the provision of Member Benefits);
(b) Market research and statistical analysis; and
(c) Offering the Member products and services that are likely to be of interest including special events, offers and promotions by post, email, mobile/landline phone and/or through any social network if the Member has provided such details and consent to Creasey’s.  If you would like more information on how your information is used, please take a look at our Privacy policy.

13. If there is any difference between the terms and conditions as set out on creaseys.com/one and other information provided in relation to the Scheme, the terms and conditions online will prevail.

14. The ONE Card is issued by and remains the property of Creasey’s.