Our guide to buying for a newborn

With a world filled with 'baby stuff', let us help...

Here are a few things to think about when making a list of what to buy in preparation for your first baby…

  • Where will they sleep? What space do you have? Think about a moses basket, crib, Snuzpod and/or their big cot/bed
  • What sort of buggy will suit your lifestyle? Do you walk a lot? Do you have a small boot? Is space in your home a consideration?
  • Do you have isofix in your car? Do you have more than one car to consider?
  • Do you walk/travel a lot? Would a baby carrier be worth considering?
  • Bedding, blankets and muslin squares
  • Changing mat (have a second one in the lounge with a basket of nappies/wipes)
  • Room thermometer
  • Baby monitor
  • Changing bag
  • Baby bath
  • Nappy bin
  • Bottles and steriliser
  • White noise toy

Let us help you make this process less daunting.  Email our nursery buyer Gemma for any tips or advice, or to arrange a 1-2-1 appointment in the nursery shop where she can take you through product.  Gemma is not only our nursery buyer but is also mummy to a 3yr and 5yr old.  Her knowledge and experience can help you get off to the best start in planning what you need. Email Paddie.cummins@creaseys.com or call 738298.

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