live a life less plastic

Here at Creasey’s we are trying to make the right moves to be eco friendly and sustainable.

Whether it be from changes as a Business or product that we sell in a store, we are on the road to helping the environment.

Just a few changes we have made already:

  • We only use paper straws instead of plastics straws in our Coffee Shop & Roof Top Café
  • We no longer sell* glitter glue or glitter cards
  • Elastic is only sold by the metre
  • Buttons are only sold individually and no longer in plastic packs
  • We no longer use plastic cups in our staff areas.
  • We have introduced our paper bags & our Cotton tote ‘bag for life’
  • Beauty brands have stopped selling skincare with micro beads in

Here is our ECO friendly products we have in store.

  • Eco Bamboo kids dinner sets
  • Paper straws – perfect for picnic, BBQ’s & parties
  • Bee’s wax wraps – the alternative to cling film.
  • If You Care ECO products – unbleached greaseproof paper, Fair trade household gloves & parchment baking sheets.
  • Bamboo picnic ware
  • The fine bedding company ECO Duvet
  • Bamboo ECO travel mugs
  • Reusable water bottles & thermal travel cups.
  • Bamboo storage boxes
  • Washable rugs
  • ECO suitcases
  • Some jackets are made from PET bottles.
  • Vegan Handbags will arrive soon
  • Milo reusable nappies
  • Wool is one of the most eco friendly & sustainable hobby
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