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Slowly but steadily Fynch-Hatton is beginning to establish itself. And as the range of products grows, so does the Fynch-Hatton team, which has turned Roger Brandt’s idea into a success: the unmistakable fashion brand with the umbrella acacia as its logo, the typical tree of the African savannah. Together they work towards a single goal: to live up to Denys Finch Hatton’s spirit of adventure. True to Brandt’s motto “Make”, the range has been growing steadily for the past 20 years – from knitwear products to total looks, in other words everything a man needs to be well dressed. And it’s not just the products, from shirts to trousers to shoes, that are becoming more diverse, but also the locations of the Fynch Hatton shops. In around 55 countries and in the online shop, men can now buy Fynch-Hatton clothing at a fair price, because
“Fynch-Hatton should be a brand that everyone can afford without sacrificing the quality and style of a premium brand.” – Roger Brandts

The Fynch-Hatton team will continue to strive to offer its customers stylish, high quality fashion that suits every situation in life. The ultimate goal is to remain flexible and honest and, as Denys Finch Hatton has already done, not to be afraid of adventure.

“Freedom, independence and self-determination” this is the spirit that goes along with our fashion. We do not want to missionize anyone or change or influence his or her personality significantly. It’s just an honest brand, a relaxed brand.” – Roger Brandts

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