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Calling all Beauty Lovers, We have launched our very own Beauty blog!

Whether you want to keep up to date with the latest must have or how to achieve that iconic look, our beauty blog will do that!

Each month one of our Beauty Experts will post about their number one item, their personal skincare routine or even how they achieve the perfect smokey eye.

Each post will be on posted Facebook on 1st of every month – So keep an eye out!


1st September 2019

Hi Beauty Lovers!
I’m Sharon, Clinique Consultant at Creasey’s.
I want to share with you one of my favourite products, Moisture Surge 72 Hour-auto replenishing hydrator. – YES, 72hr hydration, even after cleansing!!

Moisture Surge leaves my skin feeling, Plumper, refreshed, soothed, comfortable and hydrated!

It has a beautiful refreshing lightweight texture, formulated for all skin types.

It’s a real multi tasker too,
You can use it as a FIVE minute mask, for dehydrated skin or a cuticle treatment, for rough dry cuticles.
PLUS, a Frizz fighter – no serum handy, rub a little Moisture Surge into those Frizzy dry ends!

You will instantly fall in love, Pop in and see for yourself.
Love Sharon X

Allergy tested, 100% fragrance free.

1st August 2019

Hi beauty lovers!,

I’m Emily, I’ve been working for Clarins for just over 3 years now and I’m also trained in beauty therapy.
I wanted to share with you my nightly routine when I really want to deep cleanse my skin and get it back to its radiant, refreshed self. Seems like a lot, but trust me everyone will be able to fit a routine like this into their night.

1. Instant eye make up remover.
This little beauty, has to be the best eye makeup remover I’ve tried. It’s oily texture, which you shake up first, makes your mascara come off with ease, my eyes are also sensitive and this one contains rose and camomile which helps soothe your eyes and condition your lashes.

2. Pure melt cleansing gel.
This one is one of my holy grail items. And the first cleanser for my double cleansing. It’s amazing for all skin types, and has a 3 in 1 texture, goes on dry skin like a gel, massages into a luxurious oil then emulsifies into a light lather. Takes make up off like a dream and leaves your skin feeling a lot more radiant.

3. Gentle foaming cleanser – combination to oily with tamarind.
This one is for my second cleanse, it’s so important to double cleanse the skin, as this will make sure all make up and impurities are completely removed. This particular one has little micro beads in (of course dissolve in water) they won’t exfoliate your skin but they do wonders for more oily skin, like mine as they will burst and help control the oil.

4. SOS pure scrub.
“ A regularly exfoliated skin, is a skin where wrinkles don’t set in”. This has been said by the founder of Clarins, and has always stuck with me. It’s true ladies and gents there is no point using all these amazing creams on your skin unless you exfoliate the dead skin off first.
This particular one is brand NEW to the Clarins family, only use 1-2 a week on damp skin and is perfect for you if you are oily, contains lava beads found from a volcanic rock, which will control oil, remove dead cells and impurities. I absolutely love it already!.

5. SOS pure face mask/hydra essential eye mask.
After exfoliating, this is when you want to use your masks as you will get the most benefit from them. My go to is our SOS pure. (Literally save my skin from oil) Contains alpine willow herb, perfect for detoxifying the skin. Whilst this is on I’ll use the hydra essential eye mask, perfect for soothing and de – puffing the eye area amazing for those nights when you have had 1 too many Prosecco’s.

Tip : Pop the eye mask in the fridge use morning or evening for an added oomph. Drop in a few drops of one of our treatment face oils into the face mask also, for a power packed duo.

6. Toning lotion with iris.
After looking like a masked super hero. I tone my skin, this is important as it will take off any residue products and also rebalances the skin.

Tip: everyone usually finds their toner runs out a lot quicker than their cleanser, if this is the case dampen your cotton pads first.

7. Everyone’s hero including mine, I generally could not live without the Double Serum. Power packed with 21 ingredients to help radiance, hydration, firmness and protection it’s a 10/10 All day and night from me.

8. My Clarins relaxing sleep mask.
This little gem is like having 8 hours of sleep in a jar (literally music to my ears) part of our my Clarins range, for younger skins. Vegan friendly and 88% natural. Leaves skin moisturised, healthy and plump.

Tip: This goes for both moisturisers and serums. Warm a 5p size in the palm of your hand and press onto skin using the Clarins method, also never forget your neck and décolleté.

9. Hydra essential lip balm.
Lips are just as important as the rest of your skin they have 1 of the finest textures as well as your eyes, neck and décolleté.
So this pocket size tube, will keep them feeling subtle and kissable – who doesn’t want that!

xoxo ?

1st July 2019

Hi Guys!
My name is Sara and I’ve been manager of the Benefit counter for 6 years now and a makeup artist for quite a bit longer than that.

Here are my absolute must haves in my makeup bag, I usually don’t go a day without these and if I do it never ends up being a good face day.

• That Gal – brightening face primer

Why I love it –
This is a gorgeous hydrating & brightening primer that makes my makeup sit beautifully no matter what the cover or finish of my foundation is.
Having sensitive skin that is prone to redness and inflammation the camomile in this primer really helps prevent that throughout the day. Meanwhile the raspberry extract is keeping my skin bright and hydrated.

The perfect combo –
Pairs perfectly with any foundation but for especially “supermodel-esque” skin pair with hello happy flawless brightening foundation – you can thank me later.

•Gimme Brow+ – Brow-Volumising fiber gel

Magically Volumised Brows?? YES PLEASE!
This product is a little bit of magic. The tiny micro-wand catches every single brow hair that is trying to hide and instantly volumises, tints and tames the hairs. Resulting in the most natural full looking brow.

Why I love it?
Well here is some top secret information – My brows are basically invisible without this magical little product. Wether I’m faking having beautiful full natural ‘I just woke up with these brows’ Brows.
Or if I’m going for a fuller more defined look using one of our other fab brow products – this on top just changes the game.

The perfect combo –
Pairs amazingly well with any of our brow products but my ultimate combo right now for my brows would be :
Step 1 Browvo conditioning primer
Step 2 goofproof brow pencil
Step 3 Gimme brow+

•Rollerliner – True matte liquid liner

Why I love it –
This little gem slipped in a bit under the radar at the start of this year.
This liner is so easy to apply, full of intense pigment and it does not budge! This instantly became a staple in my makeup bag.
I’m always on the hunt for a great liner and this ticks all the boxes I haven’t used anything else since.

The perfect combo-
For an eye look that will not move and will look as fresh as you’ve first applied it all day.
Apply Stay don’t Stray eye primer all over the lid before the eyeshadow of your choice (can also we worn alone) . Then finish off with Rollerliner across the lash line – wings are optional.

•They’re Real Tinted Primer –

Why I love it –
This is another one of these products you can use to fake the natural look. It’s a dark mink brown formula so it makes your lashes look like they’ve been freshly tinted. The tiny bristles on the wand catch all the short lashes normal mascaras can miss and makes it look like you’ve loads of lashes. I use this alone for “no makeup makeup days” but I always use it under my mascara too for a boost of length and volume. The conditioning vitamin B5 keeps my lashes strong and mascara looking fresh.

The perfect combo –
For me day to day it has to be Rollerlash layered on top. I choose Rollerlash as it curls my stumpy straight lashes so they can be seen and it keeps them nicely fanned out. If I’m going out or wearing heavier makeup it’s got to be BadGal Bang for that added drama.

•Dr FeelGood – silky mattifying powder

Why I love it –
We’ve got another newbie sneaking in here, this powder is completely invisible & sets the face beautifully. If you don’t want your makeup moving throughout the day this is the product for you, this will take away shine without drying out the skin. It wont leave any chalky residue on the surface either leaving your foundation colour unaltered. I mainly use it for my T-zone and to set my under-eye concealer and everything stays intact.

The perfect combo –
For a flawless undereye use Boiing Airbrush or Brightening concealer and seal the deal with a light dusting of Dr feelgood powder.

Sara X

1st June 2019

Hi Everyone,
I want to introduce to you one of my favourite products by Lancôme – Advance Genifique Youth Activator.

This is the perfect all round serum to help you achieve youthful skin.
In just 7 Days it will refine the skin texture, smooth wrinkles and best of all improve your skin radiance!

How to use your Advance Genifique Serum
1. Apply one full dropper all over the face to clean the skin
2. Layer moisturiser on top
3. Use it in the day and at night!

Why not give it a go yourself, pop in and see me on the Lancôme counter!

Joy X



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