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/ / 11.03.20


Elie Beaumont watches were born out of a desire to find watches bearing the hallmark of quintessential British Style but representative of this generation’s desire for distinctive and fun creations.

Elie’s background in fashion design, taking inspiration from vintage and haute couture collections, helped her create a range of watches that represent this generation’s style. She felt it was important to make the watches classic, thin and elegant with clean designs, uncomplicated by too many features, but still showing the attention to detail and craftmanship of a bygone age. Appealing to everyone with a sense for classic and timeless design…

Elie knew that it was important that she loved the watches personally with an obsessive attention to detail. We at Elie Beaumont watches believe she’s suceeded…after all she and all of us just don’t want to stop wearing our own and greet each new style with a smile on our faces.

We hope “your Elie” watch will put a smile on yours.

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